Stay still

On the web, like everywhere else, advertising is a necessary evil. Someone has to pay for stuff and if it’s not you, the chances are it’s a company that wants to sell you something. That’s fine. I accept that. I like to think my intelligent brain filters it all out, but I can’t be sure it doesn’t work on some subliminal level. That’s fine too. Smartphones and responsive design have pushed the ads out of sidebars and into the content itself, so you have to skip over them while you are reading. I’m a grown-up. I can cope with that. But what I absolutely cannot tolerate is an advert in amongst the content that animates in, plays, and then animates out again forcing the text to move down and then up again while I am trying to read. If you want an advert in the content, just leave it there. If you keep moving things around, I miss the ad and I lose my place in the content and then I leave the site. Game over. Stop it.