Windows XP

The official death of Windows XP on 8 April has been a cause of celebration among web developers. No longer will we have to accommodate the quirks and limited features of its range of supported Microsoft browsers. IE6 is gone and there is no longer any excuse to stick with IE8, the last version that ran on XP. Supporting these browsers has put a real limit on a lot of designs and meant writing a lot more code over the last decade. Now we can design ambitious, responsive sites and write lean, modern code, right?

Not quite. Despite years of warning and the obvious fact that support had to end one day, some organisations have built critical systems on XP and ignored the very idea of using a different OS. Unfortunately, these include the NHS, the police, and HMRC and the UK government has negotiated, and paid for, extended support for XP and its old browsers. It looks like we are all going to have to live with them for at least another year.