Writing for the web

Responsive design makes it more important than ever that content is not tied layout. When you are writing copy for a website, don’t refer to “the links on the left” or “the image on the right”. The layout could be very different on different devices and the links that you can see on the left may appear at the top of the page or at the bottom or even nowhere at all when another user views the site.

An additional benefit to this is that you don’t necessarily have to rewrite everything when the site design changes. And of course, this has always been the best way to write for the web because you don’t really have control over how people view and read the content on your website. They might be reading a blog post in a feed reader, their browser might have failed to load the stylesheet, or they might be using a screen reader. There is more than one way to view a website, so make sure what you write makes sense no matter how people see it.