Adding multiple load events

This is an old tip, but it’s still useful. Starting a function when your page loads using window.onload is well supported, but you can only add one onload event. The newer window.addEventListener method should make this easy, but it doesn’t work with old versions of Internet Explorer. However, with a simple function, you can add as many events as you want without worrying about backwards compatibility.

The trick is to check if window.onload already exists and then to make a copy of it that can be added to a new window.onload event.

function addLoadEvent(fn) {
    var old = window.onload;
    if (typeof window.onload !== 'function') {
        window.onload = fn;
    } else {
        window.onload = function() {

I first spotted this in The JavaScript Anthology by James Edwards and Cameron Adams, but I’ve seen it in all sorts of places since then.